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MesazhTitulli: Geniune Windows Xp   Geniune Windows Xp Icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2007 12:23 pm

Change Pirated Windows copy to Genuine - TESTED by : bestmen_91

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P.S: this works on windows xp pro sp1 sp2 and home sp2 only......

Here are the tools to change your product key, and a working keys that
will work on SP1 and SP2 and tested by me (it will continue working as
it's used by students / teachers learning to install windows / software
- so they expect it to go up and down like crazy!!)

No more cracks ever needed! TESTED by me of course.

Download tools

http://downtown.vc/index.php?page=main&id=f7718549&name=[uploaded by - sirqueza] Key changers.rar

Windows Genuine Tested key by me

http://downtown.vc/index.php?page=main&id=6be441254&name=[uploaded by - sirqueza] XP Genuine key.rar

NOTE : A WARNING some antivirus
programs will detect keyfinder.exe as a malware. It isn't is this case
and its harmless; it is a program that allows you change your key
(becuase something that microsoft doesn't want you to do ). For those
who don't trust that, I also found a tool rock_xp that allow you change
the key too and virus programs do not detect this a malware.

Lets begin:

1). Select which tool u like to use (keychanger) and open it.

2). After opening there is an
option there "change keys" and click on that. then use the Genuine
tested keys that i provided. and input it manually. then go to confrim
to change ur Pirated keys.

3). w8 for some seconds then a
pop-up will appear saying that "keys successfully changed"...restart
the keychanger to verify that u succeed in changing the keys

4).go here and VALIDATE ur copy
of windows, this is the page where genuine copy of windows only can
make a download......go and try downloading the program on this page
that needs to be a Genuine copy of Windows ..follow the instructions on
the Web after clicking it the "continue" button.

Geniune Windows Xp Snap32


5).its DONE!. ur windows is not pirated anymore. its GENUINE NOW!!

M'falni qi ke anglisht se nuk pata koh me perkthy.

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MesazhTitulli: Re: Geniune Windows Xp   Geniune Windows Xp Icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2007 6:19 pm

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Geniune Windows Xp
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